LWsR #9

24 January – 13 February

On the 12th of February, Swiss people were called to vote in merit of of law aimed at facilitating the naturalization of third generation migrants. The UDC, a right-wing Swiss party, campaigned against the law by using a racist and patriarchal rhetoric centered around Muslims and veiled women. An article in Jet d’Encre explains what is happening and the hypocrisy behind their claims.


(Illustration by Katty Huertas)

Brave, Amy Silverman, Lenny. To have 13 years old and Down syndrome. A mother tells us the story of her daughter Sophie, her struggles and her successes, and most of all how her being raw and authentic, is giving her a life fuller that what many other kids (and adults!) have. Definitely made me think.

The Makeover Trap, Sally Davies, Aeon Magazine. #Transformationtuesday, How to look good Naked, Cinderella, Caitlyn Jenner. Pop culture is pervaded by examples of our fixation with change, and the transformation in our authentic best selves. As the author says:

“the stories that circulate through popular culture offer insights into the social contexts in which they are produced”.

So instead of dismissing it as a frivolous and shallow phenomenon, let’s analyse and try to understand what it means and what is actually happening. An interesting take on our absorption into our individuality and external attributes.

How To Disagree, Brain Pickings, Maria Popova. A short meditation on what it means to be a migrant and how reciprocal respect and acceptance between the adoptive country and the foreigner, is the prerequisite to constructive and fruitful criticism.