LWsR #7

3 – 16 January

Four Women who left Syria.  Wafaar, Naema, Ibtisam, Ruquia are four refugees of a war that killed up to 470,000 and injured about 1,88 million people. Those interviews give us an alternative narrative of Syria’s war and Syria’s women, where everyday struggles and bravery are accompanied by frail but persistent hope in a better future.

“If this war is ever won, it will be won by women”

(image by Sally Nixon, Lennyletter.com)

Let’s talk bout AbortionThe ASAP Science guys explain us which are the different types of abortions and how they work. And remind us that reproductive freedom is beneficial for the health and safety of women and babies. I love their colorful and original videos !

The mind-body problem, a video from one of my favorite Youtube channels, The School of Life. I have never really felt comfortable with my own body. I have always found my features maybe not particularly unpleasant, yet very average, plain, unoriginal. And I have always felt it like a sort of burden I had to battle with, an unfair cumbersome representation of my interior life. This is exactly what this video is talking about. We tend to judge the personality of other people from how they look like, merging physical attributes with personality traits. Yet we feel very frustrated by how our own appearance influences the way other people think about us. We feel trapped in a disguise that doesn’t represent the way we truly are. How can we change that? New clothes? New haircut? Exercise? The School of Life suggests something different: let’s start by trying to look at other people differently, by disentangling their look from their personality, so that they too will do the same with us one day. Very timely and important in a society dominated by appearance and style and where first impressions guide our interactions with other people.

From Scraps, art made out of recycled objects, by Lydia Ricci.

“Paper, board, the back side of anything, glue, hot glue, tape, staples and what was almost thrown away.”


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