LWsR #5

13-26 December

I cannot believe this year is already coming to an end!! On the personal level, I certainly cannot complain. I got my PhD, run 2 marathons, found a new job, explored my creative side (writing, drawing ecc.) and all together been.. well, pretty happy!

Though, my personal life is not that central in the grand scheme of things, and if we look at 2016 on a worldwide scale, we cannot be as positive. Syria, Istanbul, Berlin, Nice, Haiti, Amatrice, Zika, Bowie, Prince …..so on and so forth. 2016 has been a pretty shitty year! The first item of my list is dedicated to this point.

However, life is beautiful. And even in front of all this ugliness (or better, because of all this ugliness) we must always keep it in mind. Art, science, culture and, most of all, the company of all our loved ones, are the perfect cure for this.

John Oliver’s end of the season episode (final song). Love this guy and all the things he says and does.  screenshot-2016-12-28-09-52-53The image  is a snapshot from the youtube video.

Mental time travel. Time travel has been one of mankind’s fascinations since the invention of the printed word, as various movies and books testify. Despite actual travel through time is not possible, we do posses a tool that enables us to achieve a form of it: our mind. Through memories and imagination we can travel to the past and to the future. Considering how our brain works though, it is by using bits of our memories, and most of all the imperfect and incomplete ones, that we are able to project ourselves in the future, so that loss of memory lead to a loss of imagination, and in general to the loss of our innate ability to travel in time.

Opposition to Galileo was scientific. We tend to think about Galileo as the scientist opposing to the religious establishment. While this is partially true, we need not to forget that the establishment was not a purely religious, but rather a scientific one. The main opponent of Galileo’s theory was Locher, a Ptolemaic, who was a big enthusiast of the telescope and used it to demonstrate his theories. Thus the battle was within science. It is quite important to keep it in mind nowadays, where the anti-establishment theorists (anti-vaccine, chemical trails ecc.) challenge scientific beliefs without standing upon any scientific ground.

Lenny interview with Elizabeth Alexander. A black art love story. gallery-1481822499-marion-kadi-elizabeth Image by Marion Kadi from Lennyletter.com. I am definitely going to read this book.