15-21 November

Excerpts from Philosophers’ Love Letters, The New Yorker.  A wise, fun and tender collection of citations, exerted from love letters written by various philosophers, from Socrates to Nietszche. Here some of my favourites:

“I can no longer stand the cruel, indifferent silence of the universe. Like, just a response would be nice.” – Albert Camus 

“I must admit, your support for women’s rights is quite arousing. It’s that look in your eyes when you argue that women should be educated. It’s the way your arms tense up when you tell others that we should not be traded as property. It’s that smile. (It’s just nice that you have most of your teeth, honestly.)” – Mary Wollstonecraft

“I hardly know anything about you! Have you always been a midwife? Would you pursue virtue over material wealth? How many siblings do you have? I am ignorant of many things, but I do understand something about the art of love: it’s just asking a lot of questions until the other person is too tired to go on.” – Socrates

The quotes are illustrated by Hallie Bateman, and are part of the collection “Love Voltaire Us Apart: A Philosopher’s Guide to Relationships” by Julia Edeman, which I am definitely going to buy !!!

Post-race recovery yoga. A warm up + restorative poses sequence to help you with the post-race soreness and let you start training for the next race asap !

The Lenny interview to Zadie Smith. Zadie Smith is a British-Jamaican writer. She is the author of 5 novels – of which I read Withe Teeth, NW and the Autograph man. While I didn’t really like the latter, I loved the other two and I am now looking forward to read her new one Swing times, together with On beauty.  In the interview she talks about identity, creativity and the interconnection between relationships, motherhood and creativity.

What makes a magnet ? Visualizing the magnetic field. This short video enunciates some of the principles of magnetism and magnetic materials while showing a series of dancing magnets, allowing us to visualize how  a magnetic field actually looks like. Interesting and very entertaining 🙂