LWR-Last Week’s Reads: the 3 to 5 best reads of the week

31 October – 7 November

As a way to track down the things I read and maybe what I think about them, I decided to post a weekly digest of the 3 to 5 most interesting things I read each week. “Reads” should be intended as broad term, as it includes articles, books, comics and graphic novels, videos and podcasts.

The previous week was certainly marked by my newly discovered obsession for Lena Dunham and by The USA presidential elections – which are not my elections, but I nonetheless followed with a mixture of disgust, hope, fear, rage and curiosity. Well, who didn’t ?

So here are three articles related to those two topics.

DIFFICULT GIRL- Growing up, with help. By Lena Dunham, The New Yorker. Also appearing in her recently published book “Not that kind of girl”, the essay talks about the author’s experience with anxiety, psychoanalysis, and mental health issues in general. Like most of her writings, it is fun and thoughtful at the same time, and gives an ironic yet honest look at what living with OCD and anxiety feels like and, more generally, at the continuous inquiry to understand more about oneself.

The LENNY interview of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Lenny is a newsletter created by above-mentioned Lena Dunham and Jenny Konner, that sends you twice a week – directly in your inbox, a variety of articles related to feminism, politics, culture, race issues, friendship and style. I just discovered it, and quite excessively indulged browsing through the old issues. This week it offers an interview with democratic nominee HRC, done about one year ago, in which she speaks about her view on violence against black people, college debt, as well as her personal struggles as a young woman graduating from college, making choices for her future and her life.

WHAT IT TOOK. A Politico portrait (by Michael Kruse) about HRC, the achievements, the compromises, the contradictions and the hard work that characterized Clinton’s life and career over the years. An interesting and human insight on she, who could become the first female USA president.

Enjoy !!  🙂